Boo Prints

How bootiful are these little handprint ghosts? This was one of our favorite projects from last year. Dip a smooshy, little hand in some white paint and stamp on black card stock. Use finger tips to stamp on the eyes and mouth. To dress them up a bit, we added a few layers of paper to create a mat/frame look. Mod Podge over entire surface to seal making sure that paint is dry first, of course. Add festive ribbon to the top for a pop of Halloween orange. Simple and fun. :)

…and since they turned out so cute (and because it is kinda silly to paint a toddler's hand for just one print…we made a whole bunch), we gifted them to grandparents and family as a crafty Halloween treat.  

Materials: hand, black paper, white paper, white acrylic, black acrylic, small brush, foam brush, Mod Podge, hole punch, ribbon


Itsy that time of year again…

I usually have a rule: no Halloween decorations until October 1. Well, we broke that rule this year. That’s right…rebels, I know. So here are some little spiders that we have hanging around.

I know you are probably thinking…woo hooooo, another egg carton project <insert cricket sound here>. We had fun making them (and chasing each other around with them) and as much as the real things creep me out, we LOVE our cute little egg carton friends.

Materials: egg carton, black paint, white paint, black pipe cleaners & white yarn.  


The Very Hungry…

Caterpillar.  This is a daily read in our house (notice the crinkled book). Here is our take on the hungry little guy. We were inspired by Mr. Eric Carle, of course. Fun project for my little ones. Gotta love upcycled egg cartons and paint.

Materials: The Very Hungry Caterpillar book (read it, talk about it, create it), egg carton, scissors, acrylic, brushes & cute little people (with smocks).


30 Rocks!

So my childhood bff just turned 30. We have a lot of memories that go all the way back to 2nd grade, so I thought that this would be the perfect gift. Each rock has a wish/thought written on it. The inspiration stemmed from a few pins I saw on Pinterest saying “30 sucks” (accompanied by 30 lollipops) and “50 blows” (on a jar of 50 bubblegum balls). Fun ideas, however, it felt better to take the positive route on this one. Happy 30th to my dear friend! xo

*I did something similar for my mom's birthday. I asked family and friends to write her a little note and we gave her a jar of wishes (with the number of notes matching her age). There is something special about handmade gifts. :) 

(Materials: rocks, acrylic, sharpie, jar, twine, scrapbook paper)


A Sweet Little Girl and Her Headband

About a year ago, my daughter’s favorite headband started to look a little “yucky.”  It is imperative that she has something in her hair 24 hours a day (yes, she insists on wearing headbands to bed). After some shopping around and online browsing…I was inspired to make my own (with a cute little helper by my side). I am now an avid headband/accessory maker and I have a crazy obsession with fabric. My daughter has a headband to go with every outfit…well, almost. 

Here are a few of our newest little lovelies:

What do you think?

*ooooh and get ready...etsy shop coming soon!


Hi! Welcome to my first blog post on my first blog. I have to warn you…I am not much of a writer. I would rather draw, paint or cover something with fabric.
So here we go…wish me luck!  :)