Happy Halloween :)

Materials: milk jugs, sharpie marker, black paint


Halloween Paper Links

We decided to keep things light today, so we made paper chain links to decorate above the window in our kitchen. This is our Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, celebratory banner spot. 

Instead of linking plain orange and black paper together, the kids and I doodled on the paper (before cutting strips) to make things more festive. You can always make this more interesting by using paint, markers, glitter, scrapbook paper, etc.

A simple, little project with a lot of pop. :)

Materials:   orange & black paper, crayons, ruler (for tearing), stapler



Our little ones are getting bigger every second. Here is how we capture their growth…inch by inch:

I picked this color scheme because it reminded me of an old folding measuring stick that my dad had when I was little. He used it for all of his projects and I think my Pop had one too. We began marking their height on a wall in our kitchen…but sentimental me would have to remove the drywall to save these little markings if we ever move. So I decided to transfer their measurements to this board so that we can take it with us wherever we go.

Now I just have to hang it. :)

Materials: unfinished wood, paint (white, cream, black) transfer paper  


Cardboard + Paint = Valance

We don’t have curtains in our house. I think it is a mix of not finding the right thing, I am in need of expert advice and I like that our home feels bright without them. Eehhh...?  

I am slowly decorating my little guy’s room. Once we get his big boy furniture, I’ll go at it full force. But for now, I am ok with adding a few things here and there. 

For his first birthday, we went with a baseball themed party. For decorations, I made a bunch of cardboard signs relating to baseball. I saved them and hope to use them for another party one day. In the meantime, our “dugout” sign found a new home in his room as a nice, cardboard valance:

That’s right…cardboard…and I like it… a lot. It gives the room character, has sentimental value and didn’t cost much to make. Yay, our first curtain window treatment!
Wonder if I can whip up some cardboard curtains for our bedroom. Hmm.

Materials: cardboard & paint



Here is the most recent project that I made with my little pumpkins:  

We mixed paint.

We ripped paper.

We glued.

...and we had FUN!!! :)

*If you want to make this a mini lesson: begin by reading a seasonal book or two, sing some way cool pre-school Halloween songs, make funny faces at each other (to get them to understand expression) and most importantly, have fun!!!  Big kids can follow up with a short story, poem, etc. 

Materials: white paper, paint, glue, canvas



I collect toilet paper rolls. Lots of them. Actually, I just started to throw some away because they are taking over my bathroom storage space. Without fail, they will avalanche on your feet if you dare to open a cabinet. So friends and family beware!!! Just kidding. We save them for rainy, crafty days like today. We have made many projects with them – binoculars, telescopes, rain sticks, microphones, karate choppers, etc. It’s amazing what you can do with a cardboard roll. So here is our latest and greatest:  

Isn’t she cool? We made one and then decided that she needed a friend:  

Then things got a little crazy around here...

Now, when you finish a roll of TP…you can think of us and our way cool toilet paper roll people thingies. ;) 

Materials: toilet paper rolls, scrapbook paper, glue, scissors, yarn, hole punch


FAB{ric} Ghosts

When it comes to Halloween, I am more of a cutesy pumpkin, mum and cornstalk girl. I also think classic Halloween costumes are pretty cool…like ghosts made with white sheets.  Today we had fun making our very own mini ghosts. That’s about as scary as we get around here. :) 

Materials: white-ish 7x7” fabric squares,  <drum roll>...egg carton for a lightweight rounded top, glue, black paint for eyes & mouth, letter stamps, ink and string.


Decor that Fits

Do you ever find yourself standing in Home Goods or the back of Marshall’s drooling over all of the fun decorative art? I do.  How about Pottery Barn catalogs? They suck me right in and I feel like a kid at Christmastime.

We have purchased great things from all of the above and each piece fits perfectly in our home. But do you want to know what I like best? I like being able to make things that reflect who we are. When I can’t find the right décor out in stores or online, I roll up my sleeves and get to work. After brainstorming, thumbnailing and paintovers - I love creating things that scream…us. 

Here are some fun clubhouse-ish type wood slats that I painted for my daughter’s room. I chose words that she will never outgrow and freehanded them for a  playful feel.

Materials: unfinished wood, paint

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mk inspired…the shop

We’re open! Come visit us at our new Etsy shop here.   

We have a few of these fun bracelets up for sale. I am sure that they will fit perfectly in your wardrobe (or make a great gift for someone you know). Happy shopping! J


Take Me Out to the Ball Game...

Here are a couple of paintings that I made for my little guy’s room. I love baseball thanks to my big bro and Pops. …and since my favorite ball club is in the playoffs again this year, I thought that this would be an appropriate post. There is nothing like October baseball. J 

Materials: canvas, acrylic, brushes, brayers, foam, linoleum