Tryer Trucks

My little guy turns 3 soon, so we have been preparing for his upcoming party. I let my kids choose their birthday themes…my little guy decided on a “tryer truck” (fire truck) party.  He has a small obsession with fire trucks, hoses, and taking trips to the fire station.  So here is a little peak at some of the things we’ve been working on to make this fire truck party come to life:

I decided to make his "special"  pancakes ahead of time so that I don't have to stand at the griddle through breakfast. :)  I usually make double batches and freeze them.

The beginnings of a fire hydrant...

Can't wait to share all of the other details with you! I'll have the full post for you soon.  Back to work...I have a date with some cute kids and red paint.  :)


Fine Art :)

We painted today. :) 

I had a sudden urge to paint these fresh cut beauties…

…so I introduced my little one to still life painting and here is what she came up with:

Happy little flowers. :)



Hi there!  We’ve been up to our ears in summer.  We’ve been creating things, making things, eating things, playing things, swimming in things, chalking things, riding things, singing things, watching things, collecting things, catching things, climbing  things, building things...so, let’s catch up (in random photos), shall we?  Sorry, if you thought this was a post about ketchup. I like Heinz by the way.

Our 4th of July Menu.

 Our festive fruit salad.

My little one decided that brown was just not a good color for our deck...so she went all Caribbean on it. Yahhh Mon. I like it. :) 

 ...collected sea shells by the seashore.

sweet corn...a summer staple.

...coolest drawing/painting of the summer...so far.  :)

So...what have you been up to?