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DIY Easter Grass

Confession: I am not a fan of old school plastic Easter grass (thanks Mom!). So instead of searching for the perfect basket filler, we made our own.  First, we painted a few sheets of white computer paper (both sides) with springy green craft paint. I used a dry brush method to exaggerate the streaks to give it a grass-like look.

Then, we ripped the paper into long strips to create our grass. I love the torn paper look.

If this stuff ends up scattered all over our house on Easter morning I don’t think I will mind so much. :)

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Painted Easter Eggs

These adorable cardboard/paper mache-ish eggs grabbed my attention a few years ago while combing through the Easter goodies at Michael’s.

Since then, it has become a tradition to paint eggs each year. First, we coat them with white gesso and let them dry. Then we mix up some spring colors with craft paint and go to town. 

To help with the drying process, I cut up a few handy dandy tp rolls to hold the freshly painted eggs. 

Polka dots, stripes, scallops, you name it.  Add personal designs/text and give them to grandparents, family, friends, etc. for a sweet keepsake/gift.

Pretty little eggs.  :)


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DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Sidewalk chalk is one of our favorite outdoor go-to activities. Sometimes I find myself doodling all over the driveway long after my kiddos lose interest.  Ha! In the past, I have shredded my finger tips trying to use the very last speck of chalk to complete a masterpiece. Must…complete…the…pic…ture…  Anyway, now we use the chalk until it gets down to a nub. Our chalk nub collection has grown a bit so I decided to turn them into sidewalk chalk paint. This is so simple you can let the kids make it.

Plastic baggie
Paint cups

Here’s  how we made it:

Step One
Place chalk in bag

Step Two
Hammer and crush the chalk into a powder. The kids LOVED this part. :)

Step Three
Pour chalk powder into paint cup and add water. You’ll have judge the amount of water based on amount of chalk. 

Step Four
Mix it up and paint!

This kept my kids busy for hours. Fresh air, sunshine and paint.  Woo hoo!

*You can also make this from scratch using a cornstarch and food coloring mixture.


Egg Carton Daisy Wreath

Introducing our super duper craft of the week: a fabulous egg carton daisy wreath! YAY!
BUT FIRST… I am sorry for the lack of posts over the past month. My computer is about to bite the dust and has not been cooperating. But on the flip side…I have some St. Patrick’s Day projects ready to share for next year! Ahead of the game…well, sort of. :)

So about the wreath...here's what you will need:
Egg cartons
Tissue paper- recycled 
Wreath form - $1 store
Hot glue gun

Here’s how we made it:

Step One
Cut carton into desired flower shapes and paint.

Step Two
Cut tissue paper into small strips and mod podge onto wreath. We used a solid foam wreath. Nice job by my little ones I must say. :)

Step Three
Hot glue dried egg carton flowers on wreath as desired.

An easy peasy kid friendly creation that will brighten up any room. This would be great with a mix of colors too.

Happy Spring!!!