Friday Flapjacks

Meet my new best friend:

Oh yes…we have upgraded from a spoon to a pancake squirty bottle (see Easter themed spoon sketched pancakes here).  

Here are some of today's sketches:


batter (haa!) up! 

Minis - These were quarter sized and so much fun to eat. The kids loved the mini stacks on their plates.

A fun weekend breakfast. :)

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Crate Love

I have a thing for crates. It makes me happy that I can purchase them (small-large) for $6 or less.  I use them for a lot of things…everyday décor, party centerpieces, gifts, art shows, storage, you name it.  So many possibilities.  Here is a crate makeover that I recently completed:

Unfinished craft store crate $3
Dark Walnut Stain
Matte white paint (I used gesso)
brown craft paint
Sand paper
Old nail tacks  

How to:
1. Stain crate and let dry.
2. Paint over with white (2-3 coats) and let dry.  
3. Pencil on and paint lettering using brown craft paint (I printed the text off Word and  a/b transferred).  -Dry brush method works best for rustic finish. 

4. Hammer on some nail tacks for added charm.

5. Once paint has dried, rough it up with some sand paper and voila! … fresh eggs anyone?

                                     Before                                                                                                After

If you are not going for the distressed look, skip step one and just paint it white(no sanding required). Or go with the stained look and don’t paint it white at all. If you don’t want lettering, skip step 3. If you don’t have tacks, don’t worry, it will still look nice with the staple dents(see picture#2). See…so many possibilities. ;)  Now go buy a crate or two…or three. Don’t forget your coupons!

Check out this project and get inspired over at:
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Happy Weekend :)

Gorgeous tulips on my kitchen table, warm spring sunshine...

fresh brewed tea…

 hello weekend. :)


Happy Easter :)

our eggs :)

I got a little carried away with my Easter pancake creations this morning. Yes, pancake art is a normal thing in our house- Mickey Mouse heads usually take the (pan)cake. They were all made with a spoon...I think I am in need of some pancake drawing utensils/squirty things. This might be my new obsession. Pancakes anyone?

(bunny with eggs)

(basket with eggs)

(little chick)


I might have to make this an ongoing series. Stay tuned for my adventures in pancake art. ;)