Hello! I am Krista of mk inspired.   “mk” stands for the people that I hold dear in my heart - all of whom inspire me to be my best selfI love to make things and creating is what I am most passionate about. Welcome to my sharing space and thank you creative people out there for your inspiration. :)


A little more about me:

I LOVE my family and I am thankful for every person in it.

I try each day to use my talents to the best of my ability.
I love art- studying it, creating it, sharing it.

I am an art store shopaholic and I am not ashamed to admit it.

I love baseball. I am determined to catch a foul ball at a MLB game one day.

I love spring, summer and fall. Sorry, winter.

I love summer days on the beach…especially after 5pm when the mood is calm and the colors are breathtaking.

Fresh flowers on my kitchen table make me :) .   

I am obsessed with chocolate chip scone and cookies. yum.
I hope to one day kick butt on Wheel of Fortune. Feel free to contact me Wheel of Fortune people.

I can’t wait to spend an entire summer driving around the United States.

I enjoy the simple things in life…they are the most important.

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