Patriotic Accessories

We spent this week swimming, playing, eating buckets of blueberries and making our accessories for the holiday week...

I love summertime. :)


Magnet Makeover

I have a fridge that looks like this:

I don’t really like the look of a cluttered fridge door, BUT, my little ones enjoy playing with their magnets and hanging their masterpieces on it – so their happiness wins. :)

Over the years our magnets have been stepped on, catapulted, rolled over, dunked in apple juice, gooped with mysterious sticky goo, and so on.  I decided that our magnets deserved a makeover so here is what we did…

1. Brush your magnets with a thin coat of mod podge. I let my little ones do this part.  
2. Stick them firmly on back side of scrapbook paper face down.

3. When glue dries, use an xacto knife to trim out magnets.

4. Seal top of magnet with mod podge.

                                before                                                                                          after

Peace out primary-ish colored magnets. :)

I am sharing this project and getting super inspired over at:

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mk Shop: Baby Bands

Look for me and more sweet baby bands in the shop this week. :)


Noodle Doodles

A couple of years ago we dyed a bazillion noodles to make super colorful Thanksgiving necklaces. My daughter found our left over stash the other day so I let my little ones go crazy collaging them to cardboard (recycled cereal box).  They think glue is the coolest...so this kept them occupied for an hour or so.  

How to dye noodles:
  1. place dry noodles in baggies
  2. drop 3-6ish drops of food coloring in bag (mixing colors is fun- so experiment!)
  3. add 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol
  4. seal bag and smoosh noodles around to coat.
  5. remove from bag and allow to dry completely (parchment paper, pan, sunshine worked for us).
  6. make art

Here are some pics of my noodles at work:

An easy, basic activity that you can take in any direction.

And there you have it...a noodle doodle. :)


Summer Snack

Cone, fresh strawberries and Reddi Wip.
That’s all.
Yum. :)


Patriotic Can Clunkers

The 4th of July is just a month away...so we are loving all things red, white and blue.
After seeing some way cool recycled can wind socks and wind chimes on Pinterest (here and here), we were inspired to make some patriotic chimes (clunkers) to hang in our backyard.  Here is how we made ours: 

First, gather these materials:
Cans (different sizes)
White primer (gesso is my go to)
Red, white and blue acrylic paint
Blue Sharpie
White string
Hammer & nail

Step One
Prime your cans white and set aside to dry.

Step Two
Paint cans as desired. We added stars, stripes and added a portion of the Star Spangled Banner to one using a blue sharpie.

Step Three
When the cans are dry, seal them with mod podge or whatever sealer you have.

Step Four
Using your hammer and nail, poke holes through cans and string them together. Sorry, I don't have pictures of this step - my little guy kept trying to steal my hammer (multi-tasking was not an option).

There is something silly about the sound of the cans hitting each other. Kinda get the mixed vibe of a “just married” couple driving off with cans attached to their car and a windy scene in the movie, Twister. Clunk-it-y, clunk, clunk.

So there you have it.  Save your cans and make some wind clunkers. :)

I am sharing this project and getting super inspired over at:

30 Handmade Days
Tatertots & Jello
Six Sisters' Stuff
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