Noodle Doodles

A couple of years ago we dyed a bazillion noodles to make super colorful Thanksgiving necklaces. My daughter found our left over stash the other day so I let my little ones go crazy collaging them to cardboard (recycled cereal box).  They think glue is the coolest...so this kept them occupied for an hour or so.  

How to dye noodles:
  1. place dry noodles in baggies
  2. drop 3-6ish drops of food coloring in bag (mixing colors is fun- so experiment!)
  3. add 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol
  4. seal bag and smoosh noodles around to coat.
  5. remove from bag and allow to dry completely (parchment paper, pan, sunshine worked for us).
  6. make art

Here are some pics of my noodles at work:

An easy, basic activity that you can take in any direction.

And there you have it...a noodle doodle. :)

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