Cardboard + Paint = Valance

We don’t have curtains in our house. I think it is a mix of not finding the right thing, I am in need of expert advice and I like that our home feels bright without them. Eehhh...?  

I am slowly decorating my little guy’s room. Once we get his big boy furniture, I’ll go at it full force. But for now, I am ok with adding a few things here and there. 

For his first birthday, we went with a baseball themed party. For decorations, I made a bunch of cardboard signs relating to baseball. I saved them and hope to use them for another party one day. In the meantime, our “dugout” sign found a new home in his room as a nice, cardboard valance:

That’s right…cardboard…and I like it… a lot. It gives the room character, has sentimental value and didn’t cost much to make. Yay, our first curtain window treatment!
Wonder if I can whip up some cardboard curtains for our bedroom. Hmm.

Materials: cardboard & paint


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Talk about sentimental...it's perfect in every way! You are amazing! I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Not sure about the cardboard curtains for your bedroom, but you never cease to amaze me:)