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Fauxflake Jars

We are prepping for my daughter’s birthday so we have been making some decorations to go along with her requested theme. I let my little one’s choose their themes, so after much thought and mind changing by my almost 4 year old…she decided on a “pink snowflake buwwthday pawwty.”  

Here’s a simple and kid friendly project that we made to add a little frost to the party:

Recycled jars
Faux snowflakes
Mod Podge (or white glue)

Step One
Paint jar with a nice, thick layer of mod podge.

Step Two
Using a sprinkle and smoosh method…cover jar with snowflakes.

Step Three
Allow to dry, drop in a votive and you have yourself a snowy little glow jar.

I love how these turned out and the kids had so much fun making them - and even more fun making a mess with the flakes.  More birthday projects to come!

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Guest posting at Mess for Less today!

I am so excited to invite you over to Mess for Less today! Vicky, a creative mom of 3 super adorable girls, invited me to guest post and share one of my projects with her readers. How awesome and generous of her!!!  Vicky keeps her girls busy with innovative/inexpensive projects ranging from paint crafts to whipping up yummy treats in the kitchen. Come on over and check out her fabulous blog!

                                                        Mess For Less       


Mini Snowmen

Happy Monday!  We enjoyed a snowy weekend drinking hot chocolate (with extra marshmallows)  and building tiny snowmen. :)

Carrot (cut into mini noses)
Chocolate Chips
Left over Christmas tree twigs
Snow (watch out for the yellow stuff)

We prepped our feature parts and gathered some snow...

We balled up our snowmen...

 ...added  features  (the kids loved making different facial expressions) and chilled them outside. 

We had so much fun making these and we love how they look like they are dancing. 

Have a great week! :)

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Chalkboard Makeover

I love chalkboards. The only thing that got me through rainy day indoor recess in elementary school was the free time we had to chalk up the boards. One time, my friends and I decided to cover the entire board with chalk. In 15 minutes we managed to cover two entire boards with some pretty rad doodles. Wonder where the teacher was?  Let’s just say that we probably left school that day with a nice film of chalk dust on us. ;)

I have a small collection of chalkboards that I use for various things. We have a big one outside and I use a lot of smaller slate boards for décor, parties, you name it. I decided to give one of my old fabric covered boards a makeover – so here goes:

Here is an old board:

I found this pretty springy paper at Michael’s and love it so much that I think I’ll mod podge it on everything:

Step One
Trace the board.

Step Two
Cut the paper (I covered both sides of the board with different paper- more décor options!)

Step Three
Glue the paper to board.

Step Four
Paint the edges with some white acrylic. I didn’t mind having some paint run over the edges…it added a bit of a distressed look after smearing. Woot. You can always paint your board first.

Step Five
Plop or hang your board somewhere in your house, give it as a teacher gift…the possibilities are endless. :)

Hope you are having a great day!


Attempt at Snow Globing

Snow globes rocked the blog world and Pinterest this holiday season, so I decided to try it out with the kids- Valentine style.  We punched out a bunch of plastic mini hearts (for the snow)...

... dumped them into a small mason jar and filled it up with water. A little on the boring side, ya think?

I sat the jar aside and later that day stopped by to see what Heather was whipping up and found that she made the CUTEST Valentine snow globe.  After seeing her snow globe perfectness, I revisited our project…made and glued in a little felt heart...

...added some mini snow flake hearts and filled the jar with water.

 Bloop,  bloop…it didn’t hold together so well.  

We tried. It’s still fun to shake and to watch the hearts swirl around.  My next attempt (yes…I will try again) will be waterless.  I'll keep you posted on my future snow globing adventures.  I know that you are excited! ;)  In the meantime...check out a simple and fun snow globe tutorial over at WhipperBerry.

Have a great weekend!!! :)


A little bit of this...

...and a little bit of that.  We have a bajillion projects in the works (so much for being organized in 2012! paa haaa!) so here are some bits and pieces of the creative chaos going on around here:   

Be back soon with some finished projects...unless I get sucked into Pinterest again and get crazily inspired by some amazingly cool ideas there. You can check out my boards and follow me on Pinterest by clicking here. :)


Summer Fever

Once January hits, it is not long before spring summer fever kicks in and all I can think about is sitting on a warm beach.  So while I am stuck in this crisp, 10 degree weather…let me take you to my little beach retreat…in my kids' bathroom.  It is a work in progress so I’ll give you a little peek.   

I loved making my daughter’s clubhouse signs so I thought that something similar would be fun for the kiddie bathroom.  We love summertime and the beach so it was easy to go with a beachy theme for their space.  

The boards measure about 5.5 inches x 2 feet and they are lightweight.   First, I coated them with a flat, off-white paint, freehanded the lettering with a pencil and then painted. I painted the edges with a chocolate brown and then used a dry brush method to create a distressed look on top.  

Sailboat tutorial coming soon. :)

Back to reality...time for some hot chocolate. ;)

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