Attempt at Snow Globing

Snow globes rocked the blog world and Pinterest this holiday season, so I decided to try it out with the kids- Valentine style.  We punched out a bunch of plastic mini hearts (for the snow)...

... dumped them into a small mason jar and filled it up with water. A little on the boring side, ya think?

I sat the jar aside and later that day stopped by to see what Heather was whipping up and found that she made the CUTEST Valentine snow globe.  After seeing her snow globe perfectness, I revisited our project…made and glued in a little felt heart...

...added some mini snow flake hearts and filled the jar with water.

 Bloop,  bloop…it didn’t hold together so well.  

We tried. It’s still fun to shake and to watch the hearts swirl around.  My next attempt (yes…I will try again) will be waterless.  I'll keep you posted on my future snow globing adventures.  I know that you are excited! ;)  In the meantime...check out a simple and fun snow globe tutorial over at WhipperBerry.

Have a great weekend!!! :)

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