Chalkboard Makeover

I love chalkboards. The only thing that got me through rainy day indoor recess in elementary school was the free time we had to chalk up the boards. One time, my friends and I decided to cover the entire board with chalk. In 15 minutes we managed to cover two entire boards with some pretty rad doodles. Wonder where the teacher was?  Let’s just say that we probably left school that day with a nice film of chalk dust on us. ;)

I have a small collection of chalkboards that I use for various things. We have a big one outside and I use a lot of smaller slate boards for décor, parties, you name it. I decided to give one of my old fabric covered boards a makeover – so here goes:

Here is an old board:

I found this pretty springy paper at Michael’s and love it so much that I think I’ll mod podge it on everything:

Step One
Trace the board.

Step Two
Cut the paper (I covered both sides of the board with different paper- more décor options!)

Step Three
Glue the paper to board.

Step Four
Paint the edges with some white acrylic. I didn’t mind having some paint run over the edges…it added a bit of a distressed look after smearing. Woot. You can always paint your board first.

Step Five
Plop or hang your board somewhere in your house, give it as a teacher gift…the possibilities are endless. :)

Hope you are having a great day!


  1. I need to aquire some chalkboards. The paper you used is absolutely wonderful! This is a project I want to do.

    robyn @ pen pals and picture books

    1. Go for it, Robyn! I got the paper & boards @ Michael's. :)

      krista @ mk inspired

  2. love it!! Wanna make me one? :)