I collect toilet paper rolls. Lots of them. Actually, I just started to throw some away because they are taking over my bathroom storage space. Without fail, they will avalanche on your feet if you dare to open a cabinet. So friends and family beware!!! Just kidding. We save them for rainy, crafty days like today. We have made many projects with them – binoculars, telescopes, rain sticks, microphones, karate choppers, etc. It’s amazing what you can do with a cardboard roll. So here is our latest and greatest:  

Isn’t she cool? We made one and then decided that she needed a friend:  

Then things got a little crazy around here...

Now, when you finish a roll of TP…you can think of us and our way cool toilet paper roll people thingies. ;) 

Materials: toilet paper rolls, scrapbook paper, glue, scissors, yarn, hole punch


  1. They're so cute! Zach likes them too.

  2. Thanks! You should decorate your new house with these. ;)