A Sweet Little Girl and Her Headband

About a year ago, my daughter’s favorite headband started to look a little “yucky.”  It is imperative that she has something in her hair 24 hours a day (yes, she insists on wearing headbands to bed). After some shopping around and online browsing…I was inspired to make my own (with a cute little helper by my side). I am now an avid headband/accessory maker and I have a crazy obsession with fabric. My daughter has a headband to go with every outfit…well, almost. 

Here are a few of our newest little lovelies:

What do you think?

*ooooh and get ready...etsy shop coming soon!


  1. I think I love your work! I also never knew the full story behind your headbands - so cool!

  2. AWESOME crafty ideas!!! I love your headbands they look so cute!! I love how professional you are with your headbands and even your crafts! Best wishes to you and your new business!!!