30 Rocks!

So my childhood bff just turned 30. We have a lot of memories that go all the way back to 2nd grade, so I thought that this would be the perfect gift. Each rock has a wish/thought written on it. The inspiration stemmed from a few pins I saw on Pinterest saying “30 sucks” (accompanied by 30 lollipops) and “50 blows” (on a jar of 50 bubblegum balls). Fun ideas, however, it felt better to take the positive route on this one. Happy 30th to my dear friend! xo

*I did something similar for my mom's birthday. I asked family and friends to write her a little note and we gave her a jar of wishes (with the number of notes matching her age). There is something special about handmade gifts. :) 

(Materials: rocks, acrylic, sharpie, jar, twine, scrapbook paper)

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