Boo Prints

How bootiful are these little handprint ghosts? This was one of our favorite projects from last year. Dip a smooshy, little hand in some white paint and stamp on black card stock. Use finger tips to stamp on the eyes and mouth. To dress them up a bit, we added a few layers of paper to create a mat/frame look. Mod Podge over entire surface to seal making sure that paint is dry first, of course. Add festive ribbon to the top for a pop of Halloween orange. Simple and fun. :)

…and since they turned out so cute (and because it is kinda silly to paint a toddler's hand for just one print…we made a whole bunch), we gifted them to grandparents and family as a crafty Halloween treat.  

Materials: hand, black paper, white paper, white acrylic, black acrylic, small brush, foam brush, Mod Podge, hole punch, ribbon

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