Patriotic Ribbon Sticks

Excited for the holiday weekend??  We are!  To add to our excitement, we spent a good portion of our day splattering things (and ourselves) up with some festive red, white and blue paint.  Today’s project:  scrap fabric patriotic ribbon sticks.

White scrap fabric cut into strips (various lengths) …you can even use an old white shirt.
Red, white and blue acrylic paint
Pencil eraser

Step One
Cut fabric into strips (1" x 12-24"...roughly)

Step Two
Paint strips as desired.


 stars and stripes

Step Three (optional)
I made a simple star stamp to make things more interesting. Draw a star, cut out shape using an exacto. Hello, cute little stamp.

Step Four
Attach dried fabric strips to dowel or some kind of stick. I stacked a few strips, poked a hole, threaded some string through and tied it to a slightly notched dowel. I tied/wrapped the string around the dowel numerous times and secured the string with hot glue.

My kids loved making these and they giggled and squealed as they sprinted around the yard flying them.  It’s great how a stick and some fabric can add a little excitement to an ordinary afternoon.  These would be great for 4th of July parades, for topping off a giant sand castle, birthdays...and they kind of remind me of sparklers too - just a safer, toddler friendly alternative. :)

Have a super weekend!

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  1. My kids love ribbon sticks. That's a good idea on how to make stamps too. I would love it if you would consider sharing this idea with some of my readers. I'm sharing a linky party with another blogger so it would be linked up on 2 blogs. Here is the link.