NYE Activity: Pin the Hands on the Clock

We are low-key NYE people but I still like to make things special and fun. I was brainstorming up some ideas to make things more exciting for tonight (to go along with our way cool Times Square ball) and this Pin-the-Hands-on-the-Clock (midnight, of course) idea popped into my head.  

My AMAZINGLY handy hubs made a 4’x6’ outdoor chalkboard wall for the kids over the summer (one day soon I will share my chalkboard obsession with you) so I thought that this would be the perfect spot for our game.  Here’s how I made it:

Step One
Grab some chalk and sketch a handless clock on chalkboard.

Step Two
I recycled some cardboard for the hands. I sketched the hands, cut them out and then applied a coat of white paint (glitter/sparkles would be great, too!) Oh, and used black sharpie for some details.

Step Three
Make a blindfold. I used some scrap fabric.

Step Four
Stick some packing tape on the back of hands and pin away!

**If you don’t have a giant chalkboard, you can always make this using paper or cardboard.  If you use paper, you can always hang it on your refrigerator if you want to get all magnetic. Fun game for ALL ages!  My kids are loving this!!!

I just started my blogging adventure in September and I just want to say welcome to my new friends and THANK YOU for all of your support. I appreciate you and I look forward to sharing fun projects and ideas with you in 2012.  Best wishes for a happy, healthy and exciting New Year!



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  1. I am coveting that chalkboard! Wow!

    Robyn @ penpalsandpicturebooks

  2. Thanks Robyn! I love it and it keeps the kids busy. :)

    krista @ mk inspired