Painting with Kids :)

We LOVE to paint! They key to painting (or doing anything messy) with toddlers/kids is being prepared.   Here are a few things that I do to make painting fun and not-so-stressful when working with my little ones:

  1. Prep the workspace: Cover table with a placemat/newspaper and have all materials at hand. This includes: paper/canvas, brushes, water, washcloths, bucket for dirty brushes, etc. I always make sure to have an out-of –the-way drying space for the finished product.  
  2. Prep the paint: I squirt paint into individual cups (we recycle yogurt cups). I love making colors more exciting, so instead of going with paint straight from the tube…I mix up (or have the kids mix) some fun colors first. Always make sure that the paint is non-toxic (for tasting purposes).
  3. Prep the kids: We use over-sized white t-shirts for smocks. I love the paint splatters and smudges that build up…it’s like a wearable canvas. :) Be sure to ponytail long hair.
  4. Painting: Since my kiddos are little, I usually give them each one cup of paint at a time.                         Toddlers + multiple colors = mud. 
  5. Relax and Paint along with them…it makes the experience more fun!
  6. Clean up: take them outside and squirt them down with a hose. Just kidding (sort of)...this is the tricky part and experiences vary depending on how much fun they have painting themselves. I just make sure to have a few washcloths and a sink nearby.
It is paint, it's messy...just have fun with it!

Happy Creating!!! :)

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