Deck the Halls!

Hi there! We’ve been decking the halls this week with a lot of this:

I love fabric…and when it has polka dots printed on it I love it even more. Here is a simple garland that we made today. It took no time at all and here is how we did it:

1. Gather festive fabric (or felt…or maybe paper! …so many possibilities!)

2. Cut 1 ½ x 6” strips (longer lengths look great, too!)

3. String out some white yarn (or any color)
4. Fold fabric strips in half over yarn and secure the crease with some hot glue. I left a 1/2”ish  space between each.
5. Decorate. J

We also dressed up some old yarn cones that have been hibernating in my box of things to be recycled. We painted the white one with a single coat of white gesso and then polka dotted it using and pencil eraser and red acrylic. The mostly red cone is wrapped in fabric.

and there you have it. :)

I hope that you are enjoying this holiday season!

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