Toilet Paper Roll Garland

If you have been following along, you know about my toilet paper roll collection. Since our stock was getting a little out of hand…we decided to use them to make mini tp link garlands. Here is how we made them:

Using  flat white paint (I used gesso), paint toilet paper rolls inside and out. If you want to give it a birch tree bark type of look...brush lightly leaving some of the cardboard color exposed.

Once the paint is dry, cut tubes into mini rings.

Snip and hot glue rings together to form a link chain.

There you have it...toilet paper rolls turned elegant. :)
(and I just noticed a smudge on my wall)  

in the tree...

I love the mininess of them and how they kind of look birchy/wintery/snowy.

Time to bake some cookies...I'll let you know how they turn out. :)

*Find this project and incredible creative inspiration over @  Tip Junkie!

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  1. Great idea; and a great way to recycle! Those do look like little birch bark rings--lovely on your tree.